Better health through better information


Find out more about your overall health and make changes to your lifestyle with a simple blood test.

Designed to help you to…

  • Be proactive and preventative about your health
  • Improve energy, sleep and weight management
  • Find out about ‘healthy ageing’ for you
  • Get an individualised approach to your healthcare
  • Identify why you don’t feel well, even though you’ve been told there’s ‘nothing wrong’
  • Identify early warning signs you can’t feel
  • Find out about how to reach optimal health and physical performance.

The FunctionalDX test gives an in-depth snapshot of your wellbeing through a simple blood test that gives a detailed overview of your biochemistry and state of health. From a basic check-up to a more in-depth analysis, there’s a Functional DX test for you. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve your fitness performance, or just deciding to take control of your overall health, the test gives a more detailed report using a much broader range of markers than the routine ‘wellness check’ available on the NHS.

After the blood test has been analysed at our lab, we follow up with an individual consultation to present the results and look at the next steps to help you reach your health goals.

Functional DX is not about diagnosing illness but identifying hidden health trends away from optimal – and identifying underlying causes of illness to remove them, not just labelling illness. You will receive a detailed analysis of what you’re doing well, what happened in the past and what could happen in the future.

The test gives an indication the function of the various physiological systems in your body, from the digestion of the food you eat to the health of your liver and the strength of your immune system – which are all key factors in maintaining optimal health.

We can use this information to put together a unique treatment plan designed to bring your body back into a state of functional health, wellness and energy.

  • Many chronic diseases are preventable, so even if you live a healthy lifestyle, stay informed of your risk factors for some of the most common causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes or even cancer.
  • Get answers about your health so you feel better, have more energy & know what’s going on inside your body.
  • Look and feel amazing both inside and out. Health and diet are analysed so you can find out how to improve your wellbeing through your own personal biometrics. Check for anaemia, thyroid dysfunction and more.
  • Achieve optimal fitness, whatever your goals. Whether you’re a hare or a tortoise, understand and optimise your personal results for performance, endurance, muscle gain, and recovery.
  • View trends over time. Your blood regenerates every 120 days, so it’s easy to see the differences that diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes can make to your health. Check on your biomarkers over time and evaluate what you’re doing to stay healthy and how it’s affecting your data.
Basic Intermediate Comprehensive
Our most basic test looks at 50+ biomarkers, including calcium, cholesterol, iron and white blood cell count. This more detailed test looks at everything in the basic test, plus a closer look into liver function and vitamin uptake. This detailed, test goes beyond the intermediate test with a comprehensive analysis including insulin, progesterone and testosterone.
  • Get detailed descriptions of each bio marker for an easy interpretation of your overall health·
  • Each test looks at what is outside and within the optimal range, examining nutrient health and nutrient need. Individual elements analysed include liver and kidney function, cholesterol, glucose, calcium and iron, so that advice can be given to make changes to diet·
  • The resulting report gives an indication of nutritional status. This is influenced by actual dietary intake, digestion, absorption and cellular uptake of the nutrients themselves. All this is considered before determining whether or not you need an individual nutrient.


Won’t the data be confusing to interpret?

We follow up your blood test with a personalised consultation to discuss your results, helping you to better understand your health biomarkers, and to advise on simple changes that can give you optimal health. Whether it’s women’s health, fitness training or weight management, we can help you to identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.

What we offer

Realistic recommendations

We know it can be hard to make changes, so we work with you to create specific, measureable, realistic recommendations that fit in with your lifestyle.

Tweaks to help improve your health

With a pro-active approach, you don’t have to wait until you feel unwell to take charge of your health. Once you have the knowledge, it’s simple to see what you’re doing right and to focus on areas of improvement. A repeat test some months later lets you see your progress over time, giving you the control you need to make changes in the right direction.

Knowledge is power.

You can only change what you can see. The FunctionalDX test results help you to understand your biological health so that you can easily make improvements through diet and lifestyle changes.