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Welcome to A Better Way to Health. The internet is full of health and nutrition information. Most of this is opinion or speculation repeated often enough until people have heard it so many times from so many different sources that they assume that it’s true. This is sometimes called the Woozle effect, which would be an awesome band name. Anyways, my goal is to provide you with well-research, well-rounded and well-referenced information so that you can learn more about how your body works (or doesn’t work) and what you can do to get better.

I am excited to cover a wide variety of health topics and I thought it would be helpful to outline some core principles of the blog, that should be helpful in getting you started.

1) We are all biochemically individual – the diet, workout, meditation, or supplement that works for your friend may very well not work as well for you. By experimenting and tuning in to how your body works, you will find it what it likes.

2) Some health practices are more foundational than others. For example, the quality of food that you eat most of the time is almost always more important than the brand of supplement you take. Focus on getting the basics right most of the time – diet and nutrition, stress management, exercise, and fun. The rest are details.

3) Your body wants to be healthy and vibrant. Many of the symptoms that we experience are usually a result of the body’s effort to return to balance. Usually we get better not so much by “fixing” ourselves, or finding someone else who can, but rather by removing the obstacles in the way of the body “fixing” itself.

photo credit: Drewski Mac